North Campus
Minecraft Project


The popular game Minecraft is good for more than just killing mobs and making diamond swords. It can be used to build entire worlds.

Three Michigan students teamed up with engineering to create this virtual North Campus in the “Michcraft” world – a server created by U-M student Dakota Lambert just for fellow students to collaborate. Seems rather fitting for the real North Campus, a place informally dubbed as the “creative campus” by the folks who spend their time there.

Building this real-life creative community for engineers, artists, musicians, dancers and architects hasn’t happened accidentally – it’s been strategically designed with the work of all four North Campus deans under the tenure of David C. Munson, Jr., the Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering. The goal? Creating spaces for students to collaborate, and for interdisciplinary work to happen.

Under that ten-year tenure, five buildings and one giant landscaping project have taken bloom. There are more projects on the horizon, including the building of the future Robotics Center and major renovations for nuclear, mechanical, chemical and materials science engineering. With those and plans being pursued for additional student spaces, it looks like North Campus could continue to evolve over the coming years into a hub of creativity.

Created by: Dakota Lambert, Tarik Clay, Sharang Karve, Jennifer Judge Hensel and Joseph Xu

Bob and Betty Beyster Building

The computer science and engineering building, named the Bob and Betty Beyster Building was opened as Munson began his first term.

Ann and Robert H. Lurie Biomedical Building

Spaces for biomedical collaboration have been added, including the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Biomedical Building and the North Campus Research Complex.

Wilson Student Team Center and Gorguze Family Laboratory

Student spaces to facilitate experiential learning and creative collaboration have sprouted through the creation of the Wilson Student Team Center and Gorguze Family Laboratory.

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